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When a Dump Truck Kills

by Dixon Law Office

The Rules of the Road are the law.  They set out what every driver must do so EVERYONE is safe.  When we make the decision to drive somewhere, we're also making the decision to drive safely. Unfortunately, even if you do make that choice and drive as carefully as possible, other drivers might not. This can have devastating consequences for everyone involved, especially if one or more of the vehicles in question are big trucks. These vehicles are heavy, often 15X the weight of a normal car. That means they can do a massive amount of damage in an instant. This is true of heavy rigs as well as seemingly-innocuous vehicles like dump trucks.

Dump trucks tend to lumber along and aren't known for precise handling.  That doesn't mean that they can't do any damage.  In fact, dump trucks can cause horrible crashes.  Dump trucks can easily kill, especially if they smash into stopped cars without slowing down. This kind of crash can leave surviving individuals with permanent injuries that leave them forever changed.

If you have been hurt by a dump truck, or have lost a loved one to this kind of accident, make sure that you speak with an attorney as quickly as possible to ensure you receive the recovery you deserve.  Call Dixon Law Office today at 888-354-9880 or click to chat with them at  When everything goes wrong, they make it right.