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Turning Trucks Dangers to Bicycles

by Dixon Law Office

When you think about traffic accidents involving trucks, chances are good that you picture something like a semi-truck and another vehicle on the road. This is a situation that many of us have seen as we drive, in fact, and so the vision is one that comes easily. It's important to understand that this is not the only situation in which trucks are dangerous and can injure you. Have you ever considered, for example, the damage that a dump truck could cause if it hit someone or something? These are heavy, lumbering vehicles that can travel quite a bit faster than you might be aware.

Dump trucks pose a serious risk to pedestrians and bicyclists in that the vehicle could do quite a bit of damage. This is a particularly concerning danger for bicyclists who are driving next to the dump truck “ even in their designated lanes “ and find themselves with nowhere to turn should the truck suddenly make an unexpected right turn. In this situation, the bicyclist could be exactly where they are supposed to be and still find themselves struck by the truck and fatally injured.

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